Büsum – a dream on the North Sea

Büsum was first mentioned officially in 1140. At the time, Büsum was an island, completely surrounded by water. Over the course of the century, people dyked the arable marshland and the island became a coastal town.

At first, people initially lived off fishing on the North Sea. Even today, 35 fishing boats dock in Büsum, one of the few non-tidal harbours on the North Sea coast. Once a year, at the height of summer, captains start the traditional fishing boat regatta on the North Sea with guests on board – the fastest is presented with the victor's blue band.

Over the past few years, Büsum has been preparing itself for the future: the dyke has been fortified, the promenade and mudflat stand have been built and an attractive destination with a 24-hour-North-Sea-guarantee has been created thanks to the family lagoon. Much has been happening on site, a lot has been or is being modernised, cautiously and with the heart of the old fishing village in sight. A beach resort that has charmingly arrived in the present and that has already ventured a step into the future.

Find more information at www.buesum.de